The fall of Las Vegas titan Steve Wynn came after decades of allegations

JOHN YANG: But first: A billionaire casino magnate from Las Vegas steps down from his company after multiple allegations of sexual wrongdoing. As William Brangham reports, it’s not just of one of the titans of Las Vegas, but it’s also a key player in national Republican politics.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Steve Wynn helped turn Las Vegas into the multibillion-dollar tourist mecca it is today. As CEO of Wynn Resorts, Wynn built the Bellagio, the Mirage, the Wynn Hotel, emblazoning his name and image on them and the city. Wynn was also the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and a big GOP donor.

But that all came crashing down when The Wall Street Journal published a story alleging a years-long pattern of harassment and sexual coercion by Wynn against his employees. The Journal reported that at least one of them was paid a $7 million settlement. Wynn has denied all the allegations against him, calling them preposterous. Rick Velotta has been covering this story for The Las Vegas Review Journal, which, we should point out, is owned by Sheldon Adelson, who is also a big GOP donor and a competitor of Steve Wynn’s in the Keno 1×2 gaming online casino business in Vegas and elsewhere. Rick Velotta, welcome to the “NewsHour.” Could you just lay out what the allegations are against Steve Wynn?

RICK VELOTTA, The Las Vegas Review-Journal: Well, right now, it’s under investigation that he coerced some of his female employees to give him massages, and then to have sex with him in some of the — some of the hotel rooms at the Wynn Las Vegas.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: And there are some allegations, I take it, of — that he was asking waitresses not to lose weight in the past. There are some other allegations. Can you explain those as well?

RICK VELOTTA: Yes, this was actually several years ago, when there was some big controversy about how he felt like some of the women employees just didn’t look as good as they could have looked. So, he brought them all into a room, talked to them about the fact that they needed to lose weight, and then he set a standard by which they had only a certain amount of pounds that they could gain from the time that they were hired in order to keep their jobs.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: And we should also say, there was a story that your paper admitted recently that it had spiked back in the late 1990s that detailed some other allegations against Wynn. Can you tell us about those?

RICK VELOTTA: Sure. There were some allegations that he handpicked several employees that he wanted to have intimate relations with.

One of those was a grandmother, and one of the things that he said was he wanted to have a grandmother, because he didn’t know — he wanted to see what it felt like.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Again, we should reiterate that Steve Wynn has said — flatly denies all of these allegations, past and present.


WILLIAM BRANGHAM: For those of us who are not that familiar with him, can you tell us a little bit about Steve Wynn and his stature and role in Las Vegas?

RICK VELOTTA: Steve Wynn is considered to be the mover and shaker of the community. Over the — over a period of time, from the late ’80s to the early 2000s, Las Vegas was going through a metamorphosis, and he was leading the way all — with every property that he built. You mentioned the Mirage, where a volcano erupts every 15 minutes. You mentioned the Bellagio, where dancing waters are, you know, a lake in front of the building.

All these things were attracting people from all across the country. And the thing was is, you wanted to see these things. You wanted to come to Las Vegas just to check them out. And so people would come here. So he’s considered kind of a hero in terms of building the community that has drawn so many visitors. We’re now up to 43 million a year.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: With cases like Harvey Weinstein, once the allegations came out, everybody in Hollywood said, yes, we had known about this for a long period of time. Was there a sense that there were rumors about Steve Wynn? I mean, did this come as a bolt out of the blue?

RICK VELOTTA: No, it wasn’t a bolt out of the blue, because I think that the same types of allegations were being discussed across Las Vegas in many ways. But Mr. Wynn, also a very individual, held on to the fact that you could be fired by him by — you know, if you didn’t comply with what he wanted.

There were a lot of people who feared for their jobs. So, therefore, you know, it was one of those things where this just kept going on and on. And we have documentation that it happened up to three decades ago.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: As I mentioned before, he was the finance chair of the GOP, of the Republican National Committee, and a big donor. Do you have any sense — I know there have been a lot of calls that members of the GOP return money that he helped raise for the party. Do you have any sense of what this scandal might do to his stature within the party?

RICK VELOTTA: Well, it’s kind of hard to tell with — because that was one of the first things he did, was resign that Republican position. And he’s been active in politics for all his career on both sides of the aisle, I might add. Before he was Republican national chair, he was often donating to other causes, depending on which candidate best met his needs as far as his business was concerned.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: He obviously has a lot of ongoing projects going. And I’m just curious what your sense of the fallout is this going to be.

I mean, he’s got projects in Boston. He’s got more in Vegas. He has interests this China. What’s your sense of how those are — are those in jeopardy now?

RICK VELOTTA: Well, it’s kind of hard to say.

It’s a little bit too early, because he’s only stepped down less than 24 hours ago. But — and the Wynn board of directors has named a new CEO, Matthew Maddox. The feeling I’m getting is that they hope to continue business as usual, but it’s very difficult to fill the shoes of Steve Wynn, somebody who everybody has respected over the years and who has had that creativity to build what is — what is today’s Las Vegas.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: And lastly, just quickly, what are the ongoing investigations, and what might they be looking into?

RICK VELOTTA: These are being conducted by three regulatory organizations, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, and the regulatory body in Macau. Also, his own board of directors is conducting its own in-house investigation. What they want to do is find out exactly what happened, if anybody — if there were some breakdowns within the company in terms of reporting to H.R. some of the these things that were going on. And it’s possible that the regulators, the gaming regulators, could penalize Mr. Wynn even more. They could revoke his license.

They could fine the company a large sum of money, like seven figures.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: All right, Rick Velotta of The Las Vegas Review-Journal, thanks very much.

RICK VELOTTA: Thanks for having me.

Video Poker Rules and Tips

Video poker is a game based on five card draw. It is played on a machine, which displays the cards dealt much like a computer game. The player bets against the machine, which acts as the dealer and the banker. The object of the game is to make the highest-ranking poker hand possible. Video poker is different from most other slot machines because the skill of the player affects the outcome of the game. Video Poker rules are very simple and straightforward. For the online video poker rules, as in the table version of Draw Poker, you decide with how many and with which of your originally dealt cards you want to keep. You select the cards that you like by clicking on their corresponding buttons or at some casinos in Singapore on the cards themselves, and then once again you hit the “DEAL” or “DRAW” button to receive their substitutions.

A winning hand is paid a fixed return. The payouts for winning hands are displayed on the machine. The higher the ranking of the hand, the greater the returns.

Video poker differs from a traditional game of five card draw in a number of ways

There is one player only, so it is not necessary to beat other players’ hands.
It is a much faster game.
The payout odds for particular hands are fixed.
It does not involve bluffing.

Types of machine

There are a number of machines with slight variations in the rules. The most popular games are jacks or better, deuces wild and jokers wild. Games are also available where three/five and ten hands at a time are played. For beginners jacks or better is a simpler game to play. The returns for a royal flush on some machines are fixed, on others there is a progressive jackpot, which accumulates each time a game is played. Machines with a fixed payout are called flat tops.

How to play

The aim is to make the highest-ranking poker hand possible that is in the payout schedule displayed on the machine. The minimum hand needed to win varies with different games. The player inserts sufficient coins to play. Minimum stakes are often in multiples of five coins. If you decide to play with fewer than five coins you will need to press the deal button. If you insert all five coins, the machine will automatically deal a five-card hand. A standard deck of 52 cards is randomly shuffled and dealt as in a normal game of poker. The player receives a five-card hand. The player then has the opportunity to improve the hand by discarding cards and being dealt new ones.
The player decides which cards to keep and presses the corresponding hold button( some casinos will allow a hold by pressing on the card itself). A hold can be cancelled by pressing the button a second time. The player may keep all of the cards or discard any number of cards. It is possible to be dealt a winning hand with the initial five cards. This is usually indicated by a beep or a flashing light. When the player has decided which cards to keep, the draw/deal button is pressed. The machine will deal new cards to the hand. If a hand wins it will be paid out according to the payout schedule displayed on the machine.

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I was thinking we could have a little dip into Bonanza different super Niles all right do you wanna briefly explain who you’re I’m I’m Nick Robinson CEO and founder of big-time gaming which is now been running for almost seven years we operate out Sydney Australia and we license to most of the magic cno’s in the legal and wealth and good to be yeah so when ansar 2 coming soon it is on this way yeah so yeah it’s very excited yeah he was saying it’s looking interesting it’s a slightly different approach to what we already have but we haven’t sort of strayed from the game model too much it’s still jewelry actions so we have a side track coming in and it’s still a one hundred and seventy thousand ways max hundred seventy thousand or 1649 ways max on this on the basement and it’s John the back story yeah yeah yeah. Learn more on math input in slots at Casinoslots.

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The most important and easiest way to maximize your winnings is to simply, know how to play the game. By this we mean, know the rules, when and how much to bet and what your odds will be on every bet. There are many types of casino bonus’s that is offered to people in order to attract them to register in a particular website. This is done so that people would invest their money on the website as this would help in the revenue of the website also.

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Game Set And Scratch is a wonderful online game that will provide you amazing gaming experience with loads of fun. This is a tennis themed scratch card that can be enjoyed online, just by accessing web browsers. Apart from entertaining players and keep them engaged for long hours, this amazing online slot game also help player to make notable money while playing this game. Game Set and Scratch is powered by best-in-class casino software which is designed to deliver a smooth and flawless gaming performance.

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The themes of these soundtracks are put simultaneously in actuality wise and most of them are subtle, non-repetitive as well as unobtrusive. It provides a feeling of experiencing a musical journey and makes the game more entertaining and fun-filled. It is very easy to download RPG music on the PC and it hardly takes any time. Hence, why not make the best use of it and enjoy a wonderful gaming experience with the astounding compilation of playlists easy to get to.

Casino Games: Win the Jackpot and Relax

Casino games are fantastic to play and win. Apart from playing them online, you can download them to your computer. Gambling casino games appear to have been around for a long period, even from before we actually have gambling houses. If we evaluation some of a brief record, we can see some illustrations of activities which can be were performed, while still being are these days, regardless that they have years, if not hundreds of years since their inception.

In fact, some for casino games are activities which can be very well-known at the moment. The first you to definitely discuss is Baccarat; this casino was originally presented in European countries sometime throughout the late 1400′s and you can see it in most locations where we usually play, even on the net. If you are thinking which game you should prefer over other, you must look at the start rating and reviews. Customer reviews can assist you in making your selection of a perfect casino winning game.

Dungeons and Dragons : Amazing Caverns certainly is the newest casino games headline to remain launched at Perching. This fascinating 20-payline gambling establishment activity is inspired by about the exciting real-world performance, Dungeons and Mythical beasts, and players knowledgeable on the series will spot a bunch of familiar personalities while they execute.

If you should perform online traditional gambling house activities, the best place is casino games. Casino bonus activities are a preferred pastime for many people globally as it features great entertainment significance. The great element about online casinos is which you are required not be physically within a gambling house so that you can perform these free online flash activities. Play at our online casino today!