Slots Math Schemes

I was thinking we could have a little dip into Bonanza different super Niles all right do you wanna briefly explain who you’re I’m I’m Nick Robinson CEO and founder of big-time gaming which is now been running for almost seven years we operate out Sydney Australia and we license to most of the magic cno’s in the legal and wealth and good to be yeah so when ansar 2 coming soon it is on this way yeah so yeah it’s very excited yeah he was saying it’s looking interesting it’s a slightly different approach to what we already have but we haven’t sort of strayed from the game model too much it’s still jewelry actions so we have a side track coming in and it’s still a one hundred and seventy thousand ways max hundred seventy thousand or 1649 ways max on this on the basement and it’s John the back story yeah yeah yeah. Learn more on math input in slots at Casinoslots.

The back story is well there’s a prequel so but the back story is those who can I work in the balloons of mine and it was under real you know stress for his boss to dig up as much gold and jewels as he possibly could and he was work to the bone and and you know not treated very well by his boss and one day when his boss was sleeping in the tent above the mine he snuck into his tent filled a saddlebag full of gold and jewels and left a few animals behind yeah yeah and then put on my meal and headed down Mexico Way and set up a little set up a little stand saying Chili’s I’ll give out the name here live on stream yeah I didn’t want to it’s out next month and it’s called extra chili extra chili yeah and he was you extra huh nice to say we give you extra extra yeah it’s it looks well obviously people like parantha so the day Bob is hyped about it and you have attendance to hype hype game I lost as well.

I’m very excited I’m very excited yeah no I mean it’s it’s it’s an interesting game I can also announce that as with White Rabbit we’ve got a feature purchase in in extra chili which is gonna be exercising it’s so lightweight rabbits it’s gonna be like you can it’s going to be expensive purchase feature and unlike Bonanza this time you only need three skasas so you get the bonus you listen you listen we have listens we’re listening to the floor and she listened to a lot of people and we hopefully we’re delivering something this yeah a lot a big enough point of difference if people will play it and still play bonanza because they’re two different games that seemed completely different math models and they’re come to completely different ways to play yeah I’m very very excited to play it and but there was a when you talked about the mega Wes that’s also gonna be 117,000 it’s gonna it’s gonna be under some hairs.